“Allyson Morris sings a ballad from the heart. She is an honest performer, and that’s very rare these days”.
Robi Botos


“Allyson sings with warmth and passion. Her rich, sultry voice will make surefire fans of many first-time listeners.“

Bernie Senensky


“She is an amazing singer she moves comfortably from Jazz to Pop and is a master of both. If singing from the heart is the criterion for being in the ‘great vocalists club’ then Allyson Morris is a card carrying member. “

Bill Bridges


“Allyson Morris possesses that classic jazz singer’s voice – pitch perfect, timely phrasing and comfortable within the context of a splendid rhythm section.”

Bill King


“Allyson sings in a way that really resonates with me. At times sweet, and at times rich and even smoky her voice has a sound that covers a wide spectrum of influences from Jazz and Blues to Soul and Pop music. Couple that with a great sense of groove and pitch and an expressiveness that gives you goose-bumps and what you’ve got is an artist of considerable depth. “
Adrean Farrugia